Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recipe: Garlic Pickle, Lehsan Ka Achar - Chef Mehboob

Contents / Ingredients:
Olive Oil: 8-10 Tablespoon
Garlic / Lehsan (with cover/chilka) : 2 daylee / 250 grams
Oregano: 1 Teaspoon
Salt: 1 Teaspoon

Slice garlic in 2-3 piece each, if you don't slice garlic the effectiveness of sulphur compound in it will reduce. Now put Olive oil in frying pan and every-time you use olive oil for cooking do not cook for more than 10-12 minutes, otherwise the anti-oxidant qualities of olive-oil will be lost due to excessive cooking. Now put the garlic in the frying pan and fry it for 8-10 mins. Between frying add Oregano and Salt and put it in an sterilized jar for 10-15 days to soften up (Das se pandra din main galnay k liye chor dain).

Now your Lehsan Achar / Garlic Pickle is ready. It's a healthy pickle, garlic is good for heart health and reduces cholestrol, also olive-oil is a great anti-oxidant.

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