Saturday, October 1, 2011

Restaurant Review: Lasania Restaurant, Karachi.

Hi. Lasania is one of my favorite restaurants in Karachi. I haven't tried them in another city, but in Karachi they're great except for some items. The best they do is Chicken Boneless Handi, one of my favorite and we ate the same Handi at Lavish-Dine, but the difference was significant i.e. Lasania's handi is much more superior. The environment is good at the place, nice and cozy, but the toothpicks were not good ones :)

I do not prefer to go to Lasania on the weekend, because it's buffet on weekend and I do not feel that it's a perfect buffet restaurant, I went with my wife for lunch and it was buffet and the item I like most in lunch in Lasania is their Biryani ofcourse, but it was not quiet upto the mark with normal days.

Also a few days ago I took-away their Chicken Tikka and believe me it was :( not even normal, very dry and I told them to bring 1 chest piece and they gave me both leg-pieces.

Add your restaurant experiences here as well, thanks.

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